Feminine characteristics are inborn in men, some attempt to battle this side of themselves because dismissing everything feminine is a fundamental rule in the contemporary conceptualization of masculinity.

Charcoal on paper, additionally used as silkscreen.

166×180 cm approx

Unveiling revelation

The body of work focuses on the stability and instability of queer intimacy within issues of identity, gender and orientation. Their is a strong element of biographical references that relates with past experiences of expression and aggression.

inks and stencil on paper ,50×70 cm

To even make a start

Traditional technique of Mughal miniature painting on wasli paper. the work is all about meditation and self acceptance in social world where priorities can be seen different.

gouache on wasli paper

10×14 cm approx

Fixed fluidities

As gender identity forms a central concept of a living soul, the same concept was taken as the foundation of the entire work, which consists of an installation as the centerpiece. The centralized installation is placed with the expressive content of gender fluidities. The installation is structured with a mirror on each side to create a dialogue with juxtaposing gendered bodies.


The work is from the International Art & Design Symposium at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey, 2018. Based on the “serendipity” theme where I created a personal space related to the existence of gender in space, light & form.