Artwork inspired by wood surfaces, 2003

With an artwork archive, we can learn things, for example, what thought the artwork depended on or where the motivation and impact for it came from. One might say, an archive can give a second narrative or story about the artwork itself. While it is a piece of it, it’s likewise an alternate, separate substance to art by workmanship whose creation and imaginative setting it records.

Dinner for three

In the occurrence that desire gives us the methods for addressing the inquiry ‘Who am I?’ it may have all the earmarks of being about character; such an individual I am. That is just important for the story. Desire is not the same as the personality in significant regards. We may share personality characteristics to others, yet sharing a desire recommends some dynamic commitment on our part. We decide to desire a specific identity or gathering. At times we have more choice than others.

Denial to be immovable

The term queer hypothesis is famously resistant to the definition and its refusal to be fixed has regularly been considered significant to its proceeding with convenience, for if crafted by queer hypothesis were ever to be at long last characterized, queer could lose its moving and open-finished capacity to challenge.  I utilize the term queer to depict a conceptual tool and a place of basic protection from heteronormativity and, one might say heterosexuality.