Pink revelation

Freedom is a word with many suggestions. But does freedom actually mean complete independence to do what you please or living the way you demand? The freedom and gender identity have a strong bond especially in the case of queer people.  The advancement of gender identity in queer people is an exceptional cycle that has been generally announced in the logical writing and mainstream society however has gotten shockingly minimal exact consideration. Early models of gender identity improvement were produced based on review depictions by grown-ups. Specialists who directed early work on the improvement of gender identity contended that coming out or self-distinguishing as queers during immaturity might be a formative cycle seen distinctly in contemporary youth. One that may have interesting ramifications for later life-course advancement differentiated with queers grown-ups who didn’t come out during youthfulness.

inks, charcoal & pen


Desirability is about how you see and communicate explicitly, like who you really like, who you need to go out with, and who you need to have encounters with. It’s not generally known why a few people are binary while others are non-binary. There may be things that occur in our bodies from very primary in life that shapes our appeal or attraction. The vast majority know from a young age that they need to have associations with. For other people, it can take until they’re grown-ups or longer to understand their desirability. However think of, orientation is certainly not a decision! It is distinctive for everybody and is a characteristic piece of what your identity is. Everybody has the privilege to feel great and to be acknowledged for what their identity is.

Double line

Contemporary miniature of Pakistan doesn’t occur in emptiness, rather it is profoundly established in the past with its delivering procedures and it ingests current individual and aggregate accounts. The work “double line” is a social discourse that worries logical structures, for example, individual or social character, social complications, and issues, network and ethnicity.

2013 , 12×20 cm

gouache and inks on wasli

Group Exhibition of Miniature Paintings, KHASS Gallery, Pakistan, 2010

Roots modification

The neo-miniature modification isn’t a continuation of custom or a totally new occasion. It is situated inside the versatility of Pakistani society and its battle to reexamine tasteful and social boundaries of character and social change. This is one of the key reasons why the world pays attention to it so and gives support to it.

Group Exhibition of Miniature Paintings, KHASS Gallery, Pakistan, 2010

Gouache and inks on wasli paper

10×14 cm