Gray portrayal

Being a “man,” to be secure in one’s manliness, has gone under a decent arrangement of investigation in the second half of the 20th century. As females have accessed the open arena (human rights), and as men have tuned in to these unique voices, acknowledged gender orientation jobs and desires have, for a few, gotten hazardously restricting. However, even in the midst of the gender role transformation within recent memory, it isn’t hard to see that some key components of what makes a man masculine are generally unsurprising all through social call culture.

Male centric acts of anticipating body essentialism onto females have served a fundamental capacity in the legislative issues of male predominance. The endeavor to verbalize the male body and to re-find an epitomized manliness will without a doubt need to grapple with the over-distinguishing proof of men’s feeling of the body with the phallic portrayal.

size 20×40 cm

Love working in my own studio, Pakistan

Having our own studio can help assert and affirm being an unquestionable artist. It tends to inspire in a psychological manner. It re-insists that you are an artist, particularly to yourself. You merit that spot where you can disappear and concentrate on your creative activity.

Heritage Art gallery Islamabad, Solo exhibition of wall hangings, 2006

Artists regularly reveal to me that their work “represents itself with no issue,” however trust me, curators, conservators, and art researchers continuously need more data. Your photos, records, and memories are critical to understanding a masterpiece, its place in the past, a development, and even inside your own collection of work. The year work is finished is incredible data, however, what preceded or directly after are additionally imperative to a review, catalogue, or biographer. When seeing resources for archiving, one way to make choices is to ask whether or not the resources provide a significant context in unfolding your legacy as an artist. In direction to do this, you might use your curriculum vitae to help you identify highlights and important happenings, for example, gallery and exhibitions, travel to places that inclined your artwork.



Social gender norms may also form colour inclinations. In beliefs where pink is deliberated the suitable colour for a girl and blue for a boy, children became habituated from birth to spending time wearing or else surrounded by those colours. This creates it hard to know whether any likings expressed later on are accidental.

“Pink Vs Blue”

For a considerable length of time, we’ve all lived and worked in our current reality where pink is generally observed as a feminine colour, while blue is held for adolescent. We see this inflexible division all over, from greeting cards to kids’ garments. New terms like “gender-fluidity” and “non-binary” have entered the vocabulary, yet there’s still a great deal of progress to be made here and there are still a ton of apparently genders specific ideas and even colours.

size 15×30 cm approx


Feminine characteristics are inborn in men, some attempt to battle this side of themselves because dismissing everything feminine is a fundamental rule in the contemporary conceptualization of masculinity.

Charcoal on paper, additionally used as silkscreen.

166×180 cm approx

Textile Cosmos

Designers are one of the principal keys of the style world. They keep development in a style which brings a new pattern and hues design. Thus , textile designers additionally assume a similar part in the style industry. Textiles creators make an assortment of structures, prints, woven materials and ornaments for style fashioners. They, for the most part, make plans for principally two categories i.e., one, for interiors and furthermore, textures for a dress. In these two domains, material fashioners make two-dimensional structures that can be utilized as a repetitive design, knitting designs, assortment of weaves and printed textures or material items.

Not just this, they need to do a profound exploration on patterns, color shading and material testing in the textile cosmos. If a textile designer is not likely to study all factors then he or she is not able to foretell what is going to be sell in the future.

size 32×64 cm

Unveiling revelation

The body of work focuses on the stability and instability of queer intimacy within issues of identity, gender and orientation. Their is a strong element of biographical references that relates with past experiences of expression and aggression.

inks and stencil on paper ,50×70 cm

To even make a start

Traditional technique of Mughal miniature painting on wasli paper. the work is all about meditation and self acceptance in social world where priorities can be seen different.

gouache on wasli paper

10×14 cm approx